Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Have labour gaps?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a big opportunity for our province. Employers in Nova Scotia can use the Pilot to hire foreign workers and international graduates.

Key Benefits:

  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot speeds up processing at the Federal level and gives candidates a work permit while waiting for permanent residency
  • Employers can skip the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process if their efforts to hire locally have been unsuccessful
  • International graduates from Atlantic universities can be hired right out of school
  • The Pilot gives employers access to permanent intermediate-skilled labour as well as high-skilled workers

If you have any questions or looking to connect to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, please contact:

Joe McGuire - Web  Joe McGuire
Account Executive,
Atlantic Immigration Pilot


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Al Tek

Account Executive,
Atlantic Immigration Pilot


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Watch How the Atlantic Immigration Pilot works:
The Employer Designation Process (1/3):