Talent Recruitment – Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Have labour gaps?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a big opportunity for our province. Employers in Nova Scotia can use the Pilot to hire international workers and graduates.

The Halifax Partnership’s SmartBusiness Program is here to help your business navigate the process of becoming a designated employer. Designation is the first step toward permanently hiring through the program.

Key Benefits:

    • AIP speeds up processing at the Federal level and gives candidates a work permit while waiting for permanent residency
    • Employers can skip the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process if their efforts to hire locally have been unsuccessful
    • International graduates from Atlantic Canadian universities can be hired right out of school
    • AIP gives employers access to permanent intermediate-skilled labour as well as high-skilled workers

If you have any questions or looking to connect to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, please contact:

Joe McGuire - Web  Joe McGuire
Account Executive,
Atlantic Immigration Pilot


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Al Tek

Account Executive,
Atlantic Immigration Pilot


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Watch How the Atlantic Immigration Pilot works:
The Employer Designation Process (1/3):