How it Works

The SmartBusiness Program helps businesses tackle obstacles and maximize growth opportunities, clearing the way for a vibrant and growing business community and economy. How?

First we gather intelligence.

The SmartBusiness team meets face-to-face with employers to hear first-hand about the challenges, needs, and opportunities that impact competitiveness. Based on hundreds of one-on-one interviews, the Partnership gathers intelligence that is both company specific and systemic.  

Then we act.

SmartBusiness is the hub connecting CEOs and business owners to resources already in our community that are designed to support existing businesses looking to export to new markets, create innovative solutions or new products, or hire new talent.

Through the SmartBusiness Action Team, we tap into the acumen, resources and experience of more than 30 senior business and government leaders. We refer businesses to the Action Team based on their specific need for support and drive economic growth, responding to businesses with real answers in real-time.

SmartBusiness benefits local companies and our community by:

  • Connecting companies to recruitment and training experts
  • Facilitating new contracts, R&D assistance, and exporting leads that directly contribute to a company's bottom line