Hiring Youth Pays Off

The youth of Halifax are not asking for a favour. When you hire young talent, you are helping your company, now and in the future. Here's how:

1. Young hires are affordable

An entry-level salary will be significantly lower than a mid-level position. This ultimately means savings at the bottom-line.

2. Young hires give speedy returns on investment with increased productivity

Their skills and ideas can make a difference on your bottom line. They learn fast, multitask well and are willing to put in the long hours. This means increased productivity and a better bottom line.

3. Young hires have solid business and technology skills

Recent graduates grew up with technology and social media. They understand metrics and adapt to the latest technology quickly. Graduates also have core transferable skills from academia that are essentials in every workplace like written and oral communication, problem solving, organization and data analysis. 

4. Young hires are your opportunity for succession planning and long term labour market demands

Top companies like Verizon, Enterprise and EY are huge employers of youth. These companies credit this to the proven success of the promote-from-within business model. Providing a career path for a graduate to reach management level can solve succession planning concerns. By retaining the best talent, you can ensure your labour needs are filled with the best and brightest that you have cultivated. 

5. Young hires are innovative and generate new solutions

There is a great deal of academic research indicating that many great innovators do their best and most groundbreaking work in their youth. Thinking differently and generating new ideas could be just what your business needs to tackle an old challenge with a new approach. In addition to this, new graduates bring academic contacts and a pulse on the latest research and trends.

6. Young hires want experience and will take on a variety of tasks

Eager for experience, young hires are willing to take on any task or problem for the experience. This is a great opportunity to expand the skill set and job descriptions of your current labour force.

7. Young hires are your competitive advantage for targeting younger markets

There is a generation of young professionals entering the market as major consumers. Having a larger number on your staff of the same age demographic can help inform campaigns and products to increase sales and reach for this target market.

8. Young hires have a global perspective

Especially for international graduates, they have business connections in their home countries and cultural insights that can be leveraged for your business as you continue to grow globally.

9. Young hires are easy to manage

Some research has shown that businesses who hire younger employees report they are easier to manage. Although they might require some training up front, younger employees are used to multitasking and from their studies know how to find the resources they need to complete a task on their own.  

10. Young hires are willing to travel 

Young hires often don’t have the same external demands of employees with families and as such have more freedom in their hours and availability. This is a huge advantage for roles that require travel and more on-the-job time.


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