International Art Collaboration Celebrated at the Discovery Centre

October 3, 2017

Halifax, NS - October 2, 2017 – Last night, the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) celebrated the Rørpost Art Exhibition, an international art collaboration between Halifax, Canada and Esbjerg, Denmark, at the Discovery Centre.

As part of the work of the WECP, 24 Halifax artists have partnered with 24 Danish artists under the WECP initiative Rørpost. The purpose of Rørpost is to bring international artists together in WECP member cities using collaborative projects as a pipeline for the flow of creative energy and the celebration of the freedom of expression.

“Through the WECP, we have formed close bonds between cities around the globe, united in our shared interest in the energy economy,” says Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax and President of the WECP. “The Rørpost collaboration offers a wonderful opportunity to continue to build cultural ties between Halifax and the world, exposing Halifax artists to new audiences and reinforcing the need to increase global creativity.”

This is the second year for the Rørpost Art Exhibition, last year’s partners were Esbjerg and Houston, Texas. “We proudly represent Denmark in the WECP, and we have gained much since entering this global network in 2013,” says Mayor Johnny Søtrup. “I look forward to seeing the outcome of the collaboration between the artists. I am convinced that when the exhibition comes to Esbjerg in spring 2018, it will be very well received.”

One artist completed half an art piece, then sent it across the Atlantic for their counterpart to complete. The exhibit demonstrates the wide-ranging impacts the WECP has. Bringing common energy economies together has enabled collaboration of creativity in the art communities.

“What interested me about the project was the collaborative idea. When you’re working on your own piece, even though you’re creating something new, you are still limited to your own skills, abilities, and perspectives. Finishing someone else’s work changes the way you think,” says Cathy McKelvey, an artist from Halifax who co-led the project. 

“It is a lovely sort of communication, which is challenging and pushes you in new directions,” adds Esbjerg artist Lene Hassig Vilslev. “This is an important process, which in the long run could lead to better collaboration between the countries taking part, because it involves not only the artists, but also politicians, art museums and art funders in the countries.”

The exhibit is on display at the Discovery Centre September 16 – October 4. For more information on the exhibit, visit:


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