NSCC Student Wins #HireMeHalifax Pitch Competition

March 22, 2017


HALIFAX, NS - The Halifax Partnership is pleased to announce that Sean Myatt has won the Game Changers #HireMeHalifax competition and the top prize of $1,000. Sean, an NSCC graphic design student, was selected from 15 finalists who pitched themselves to Halifax employers live at the #HireMeHalifax event.

Katie Fielden won second place ($300); Emma Ross, third place ($200); Carleigh Milligan, fourth place ($50); and Naina Garg, fifth place ($50). The winners' and finalists' pitches can be viewed HERE

Over 40 students and recent graduates submitted their best elevator pitch videos to the Partnership’s #HireMeHalifax contest held in February. Fifteen young professionals were chosen to deliver their pitches live to a judging panel at the #HireMeHalifax event held yesterday.  Over 100 recent and soon-to-be graduates and 80 business leaders attended.

"Halifax is fortunate to have so many capable, motivated young professionals who want to start and grow careers here,” says Ron Hanlon, President and CEO of the Halifax Partnership. “Hire Me Halifax offered our emerging talent a platform to showcase their skills and to tell Halifax employers why they should hire them. It also gave Halifax businesses an opportunity to see the up and coming young talent in our city."     

At the event, Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan, announced a new Experiential Learning pilot program to help post-secondary students connect to local businesses, gain experience and find meaningful employment in Nova Scotia after graduation. The Partnership is leading the pilot program which will connect 50 students this year with Halifax businesses offering experiential learning opportunities.  

The Partnership launched the Game Changers Action Plan last November to retain young talent in Halifax, a critical factor in growing Halifax's and Nova Scotia's economies. Through the Game Changers Action Plan, businesses are inspired and supported to hire young professionals, offer experiential learning opportunities and help young talent build their professional networks through the Partnership’s Connector Program.   

The Partnership’s new Game Changers Guide to Hiring Youth released yesterday, provides the Halifax business community with the information and connections they need to hire and provide opportunities for young talent in Halifax.  For more information visit: www.halifaxgamechangers.com.


#HireMeHalifax Winner and Finalist Profiles


  • Sean Myatt
    Sean is graduating from Graphic Design at NSCC. He is looking to start a career in Halifax in communications, branding, and marketing. 
  • Katie Fielden
    Katie is graduating from the Financial Services program at NSCC. Focused on results, she is looking to grow local companies using her skills and dedication. 
  • Emma Ross
    Emma is working toward her BBA through NSCC and MSVU. Her work in the theatre has fostered a strong sense of self-motivation, creative problem solving, and a dedication to delivering the very best every time. 
  • Carleigh Milligan
    Carleigh is graduating with her NSCC Business Administration diploma and is ready to make her mark in Halifax. She is ambitious, outgoing, and prepared for a challenge. 
  • Naina Garg
    Naina is an Honours student with multi-lingual skills. She demonstrates leadership through various women empowerment projects and internationally-published research. Naina is eager to start her career as a monetary and financial policy analyst. 


Additional Finalists

  • Joy Samuel
    A young professional with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Joy lives her passion for the environment daily through her actions and values. She strives to foster behavioural change in people through her chosen career. 
  • Monami Yamada 
    Currently an MSVU Marketing and IT student, Monami has a strong desire to learn more and grow further in her favorite city, Halifax. She’s ready for her professional career to take off. 
  • Anika Riopel
    Anika is an energetic and enthusiastic jack-of-all-trades: environmental educator, cook, actor, and both a Scuba diving and cycling instructor. She’s a soon-to-be graduate from Dalhousie with a double major with Honours in Sustainability and Theatre.
  • Irene Hawco
    Irene is graduating from the Office Administration program at the Nova Scotia Community College in June 2017. She is excited to start her career with a diverse business. 
  • Hazem Ajlani
    Hazem is a research assistant at NSCC’s Applied Research Lab. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Dalhousie University with a concentration in renewable energy resources. He is passionate about renewable energy – solar, wind, tidal, battery storage and smart grid. 
  • Stephanie Peters
    Recent Marketing grad Stephanie has experience with copywriting, content creation, social media, graphic design and customer relations. She is looking to change the game with a bold company and by becoming a marketing leader in Canada.
  • Karley Brooking
    Karley will graduate next spring with a BSc in Biology. She is passionate and hardworking, with exceptional communication and leadership skills. She is eager to bring her skills to a local company.
  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew has integrity, creativity, great writing skills and over five years’ experience in a fast-paced work environment. Although he has a degree in Geography, Matthew looks forward to exploring other opportunities as well.
  • Hannah Vaughan
    Hannah is a long-time member of the Canadian national kayaking team, now shifting her drive and dedication from kayaking to communications. A soon-to-be PR graduate, Hannah is excited to put her multi-faceted skill set to work.
  • Sam White
    Sam is a student in Dalhousie Management. He plays two varsity sports while going to school and operating his own painting company.



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